Transfer Systems

Transfer systems are set up in factories to ensure that the material is transported from one end to the other using the least amount of manpower.

The parts to be processed, carried by transfer lines, are connected to the system with specially designed apparatuses. Within the system, it is ensured that the lines continue at a constant speed without jolting. It is necessary to use a conveyor correctly for the transfer line. Rolax makes the most appropriate technological design and software for it.

Conveyor Systems

Cardan Type
Busbar Transfer
Webb Type
Power And Free

Cardan Type Conveyor System

The system, which continues with the movement of the chain in three axes on the rail with a cardan type conveyor, is designed to move sensitive small-sized materials. All apparatus used are preferred to work at high temperatures. The system is designed to protect itself against strains.

Webb Type Conveyor System

It is a system established to transport and move heavier parts. The system, which is easier to maintain, is designed and manufactured and assembled by ROLAX in a way that best suits the needs.

Busbar Transfer

The busbar transfer system, which minimizes manpower and provides high efficiency in energy saving, is designed in the most accurate way in accordance with the materials to be coated and the needs.

It can be designed for powder coating plant and wet paint facility.

In the bus transfer system, the materials with cleaned surfaces are loaded into the bars that are hung on the bus transfer car before the paint shop. The bars are automatically transferred from the bar loading car into the paint booth with a chain system. While the part is walking robotically or manually in the twin paint booth, the painted parts are automatically transferred to the bar transfer car at the exit of the dyehouse.

As the first line on the busbar is filled, it automatically aligns the second line. In this way, after the bar transfer cart is filled automatically, the bar in front of the furnace aligns the furnace filling lines. Finally, the parts are transferred manually from the bar transfer car into the baking oven. The process is completed after the parts are cooked with the required heat.

Power and Free Conveyor System

With the power and free conveyor system, solutions such as heavy and sensitive part coating and operating different systems at the same time are provided. As Rolax, the most appropriate technological design is applied.


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