Ventilation & Filtration System

The dust released during the sandblasting process performed by spraying specially designed abrasives on the metal material surface with high pressure is very dense. This dust should be collected and filtered in accordance with the occupational health and safety standards without allowing it to be dispersed into the factory.

Rolax manufactures specially designed dust collection systems to filter the dust generated in the sandblasting process. In the dust collectors, the number of filters is adjusted according to the needs. The filters used are nano filters and the filters are placed in a way that they can be changed easily.

Abrasive Recycling

Rolax establishes an abrasive recycling system designed according to the needs in order to ensure that specially designed abrasives sent on the metal part with high pressure are recycled for the continuation of the system.

When setting up the recycling system, specially designed abrasives selected according to the required surface abrasion degree are specially designed by taking into account factors such as the physical condition of the area where the plant will be installed.

Equipment used in the plant;

Steel Construction Structure
The carrier body construction is designed, manufactured and assembled by us from steel profiles of suitable strength.
Rolax Wall System
They are specially designed sandwich panels in modular structure using 50mm rock wool insulation material between two hot-dip galvanized coated sheets, which are highly equipped against fire risk and provide sound and heat insulation. Since the wall structure will be exposed to abrasives, its interior is covered with special rubber.

Lighting System

Rolax fixtures are ATEX certified with EX-PROOF feature. Lighting intensity is 1000-1100 lux.

ROLAX designs the location of lighting systems within the plant in a way that it will provide a homogeneous illumination and obtain the most desired illumination intensity according to the size and type of the material to be sandblasted.

ROLAX lighting fixtures are designed and manufactured by Rolax itself and are designed to be easy to maintain and clean.

Electrical Panelboard

All of our control panels with IP 54 protection type are manufactured by us from steel sheet.

All switch equipment required for the operation of the system, contactor type switch equipment, fuse units are IP 54 protection type and all motors are equipped with frequency and protection systems.


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