110 Meter Long Automatic Powder Coating Line

110 Meter Long Automatic Powder Coating Line The materials are hung on the cardan type conveyor line in front of the washing line. The materials automatically come to the degreasing line first. In the degreasing line, the water tank is heated to 50 ° C with a thermoblock heating system and the oils are easily cleaned by spraying high pressure chemical hot water by stainless nozzles. Then the materials that come to the rinsing line automatically are rinsed with water sprayed from stainless nozzles and enters the percolation line. Materials, whose water is percolated, are dried in the pre-drying booth.The materials whose surface has been completely cleaned enter the robotic system twin cabin. It enters the 200 ° C curing oven after the paint applied automatically. The materials coming out of the curing oven are quality controlled and ready for shipment. Paint particles released into the environment during these processes with 24 nano-filter suction system keep the damage to the environment at a minimum level. Environmental awareness is ensured. There is an automatic recovery system with our cyclone system. With these, paint recovery and savings have been achieved at the maximum level.

Number Size (mm) Type
1 1800*6000*2200 Robotic System Powder Paint Booth
1 1800*20000*2200 200 °C Curing Oven
1 1800*12000*2200 Washing and Drying Line with Nozzles
1 1800*18000*2200 180 °C Drying Oven
1 Cyclone
1 Automatic Reuse Booth
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