RolaX, founded in Ankara in 1996, provides services in different sectors in order to paint the right paint and to eliminate the concerns arising from occupational safety. It has been established to resolve a major shortcoming in Turkey. We manufacture robotically or manually wet/powder paint plants and surface treatment technologies you can apply according to your process before you coat the product.

Today, RolaX has managed to combine its 24 years of experience with today's technology. Continuing on its way with firm steps without compromising its values and quality, RolaX guarantees that it will be the leading company in the future with its strong and dynamic team, the importance it attaches to innovation and R & D studies in the light of mind, science, virtuous business awareness.


ROLAX has made it’s mission to be a world-known brand that constantly renews itself, follows technology, that is a leader in all business segments and leads sector by aiming to provide world class services in Turkey and World, with the principals of prioritizing nature and society and with its employees, business partners, suppliers, customers, rivals.

Rolax is a firm that achieved world standards without compromising both the past and the future. It will continue to keep operating both nationally and internationally by following the international law, Constitution of Turkey and law of Turkey. It will also lead sectoral advances, will improve the value of quality management, will operate knowing its social and environmental responsibilities without compromising its values.


As ROLAX, we consider our primary prestige goal as following Occupational Health & Safety and Environment in all the work we will do. For this reason, we have obtained ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards documents in order to completely eliminate the damages that may occur to employees, third parties and the environment because of our activities. In this context, we work by fulfilling the legal requirements of the country where we operate.


Since its foundation as a company leading the industry, Rolax has accomplished the most important projects in the world and Turkey.


Years of Experience

With our 24 years of experience, we have succeeded in establishing a system that constantly renews itself by closely following the technological developments with the innovative studies, projects and working principles in the sector.





The aim of Rolax is to design the most suitable technology for your needs.

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